Immediate Feedback Assessment Tool (IF-AT)

Immediate feedback assessment is a key element of Team-Based Learning (TBL) as in the work of Michaelsen & Sweet (2008).

Group work typically involves students choosing or being assigned to groups, brainstorming a topic or product before reaching consensus, delegating roles and largely working (or not) individually. TBL recognises that the most teamwork happens at the consensus phase and focuses on making a decision rather than a product such as a presentation or poster. It is this need to make a decision together that drives the other student work so they are prepared to contribute. Evidence needs to inform these decisions and in Mathematics this is naturally provided by the working out with students explaining their understanding.

TBL has two phases:

  1. Readiness assurance process (RAP)
    • Individual readiness assurance test (iRAT) where students take a (differentiated) multiple choice test on the topic to be studied, which is then marked by their teacher;
    • Team readiness assurance test (tRAT) where teams of students retake the same test, reaching consensus on their choices and receiving immediate feedback e.g. through 'scratchy' cards;
  2. Application exercises, where all teams work on the same, significant problems before simultaneously reporting their specific choice.

The use of IF-AT is key to the tRAT. This tool provides a digital alternative to the use of the scratchy paper IF-AT cards which can be hard to source. Additionally, it can be used to record and mark the iRAT.

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